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Our Story
How it all began


It was January 2012. Hanne and Rob were visiting Zimbabwe for the first time together, travelling around the country, spending some days in Gweru, a small town in the center of the country. We were walking around the local market in the midday heat picking fresh food for dinner when Rob all of a sudden stopped in front of one of the vendors and said, “You have to try this fruit!” And bought two baobab fruits.

About Us
Who we are


We’re three good friends – Hanne, Rob and Erik – who decided to take our passion for nutritionally rich and delicious foods and sustainable products one step further. Pona was established upon an idea to provide something healthy: for body, mind, environment and local communities. Pona, a word in Shona, one of the main languages of Zimbabwe, means to get better, to heal. This is what we believe good quality nutrition can do.

What is it?


Baobab is one of the best known trees of Africa. Baobab fruit is super-packed of healthy stuff:

  • More antioxidants than goji berries
  • more calcium than milk
  • more iron than red meat
  • more potassium than a banana
  • and more magnesium than spinach.

This is why the locals call it the tree of life.